Just How Sustainable is Selling Water Conservation for your Bottom Line? Ask CentralPro!

CentralPro takes water conservation and sustainability seriously. We sell water conservation products that are designed to distribute and conserve water without damaging the health of your landscaping or your budget. And, CentralPro customers purchase high-quality water conservation products at competitive prices because of strong relationships with national, regional and local manufacturers.

CentralPro sells advanced product technologies from leading water conservation equipment manufacturers, These include a full selection of high efficiency water conservation products that reduce watering costs and lessen the burden on the environment and water natural water resources.

Additionally, CentralPro staff is fully trained in the latest water conservation kits and devices, including electronic central control systems and two-wire water level sensors.

CentralPro also sells rainwater harvesting and collection systems as well as garden products for storing rainwater.

The Right Water Conservation Products and Prices for Over 40 Years

For over 40 years we have delivered the right water conservation products at the right price at the right time, with 10 offices in Florida to serve you.

CentralPro’s water conservation products, installation and maintenance expertise is unrivaled in Florida.

We offer full-service support and resources, including years of invaluable access to manufacturer expertise, personalized training and expert guidance for the products you need.


CentralPro Quality Water Conservation Products at Competitive Prices

CentralPro’s industry-leading selection of water conservation products products are competitively priced, and ready to be picked up at the counter or delivered to you.

CentralPro supports you with access to a wide variety of special services and resources, including training, new product seminars, and manufacturer expertise.

Are you located outside of the United States? We export our professional-grade products internationally.

Water Conservation Manufacturers

  • Hunter
  • Maxijet
  • Microject
  • Netafim
  • Rainbird
  • Senniger
  • Toro
  • Tucor
  • Weathermatic

Water Conservation Products Include:

  • Central Controls
  • DC Controllers
  • ET-based devices
  • Sprinklers
  • Low-volume drip irrigation
  • MP-Rotators
  • Pressure Regulating Devices
  • Rain sensors
  • “Smart” controllers
  • Soil moisture sensors
  • WiFi Controllers


With 10 locations in Florida, CentralPro can quickly respond to requests for competitive pricing.